Call for Papers: IWL-LOKMOL 2008

January 31st, 2008 by Martin

We had very inspiring and successful LOKMOL (Learner Oriented Knowledge Management & KM-Oriented E-Learning) workshops in 2005 , 2006 and 2007. This year, we decided to start a joint initiative with the IWL Special Track of the IKNOW conference.

I’m especially interested in how we can support individuals in organizations without just focusing on organization and business goals. I think the main point is always to empower people and encourage them to learn, participate and collaborate!

Looking very much forward to your submissions!!!

Call for Papers for the I-KNOW ‘08 Special Track

Intelligent Assistance for Self-Directed and Organizational Learning
Connecting Individual, Community and Organizational Learning

Graz, September 03, 2008

A joint initiative of the IWL Special Track and the LOKMOL Workshop Series


Important Dates

14 April 2008: Submission of the full papers (8 pages)
31 May 2008: Notification of acceptance
30 June 2008: Camera ready version (8 pages)
3-5 Sept. 2008: TRIPLE-I Conference

For topics and submission procedures, check here.

LOKMOL presentations are online!

October 8th, 2007 by Martin

Picture by Margit Hofer, you can find more LOKMOL pictures here

Here you can find slides as well as audio of the the following LOKMOL presentations (click here for an overview including papers):

  • LOExtractor - Rapid Authoring Tool to Support Workflow-Embedded Authoring (O. Rostanin)
    slides(pdf), audio(mp3)
  • Context assessment as a basis for appropriate support of individual and organizational learning (N. Faltin)
    slides(pdf), audio(mp3)
  • Social Technologies as New Forms for Organizational Innovation (T. Arina)
    slides (on slideshare), audio(mp3)
  • Learn@Work: Competency Advancement with Learning Templates (W. Bonestroo)
    slides(pdf), audio(mp3)
  • Collaborative Knowledge Building and Sharing for Reshaping European Educational Landscapes (M. Hofer, F. Wild)
    slides(pdf), audio(mp3)

Thanks again to all the authors and participants!

EC-TEL day 1 and 2

September 19th, 2007 by Martin

The only way to blog about the things going on here is to do it during a session. Wireless is not available in my room, and outside my room, I prefer talking to others. Or just enjoying the surroundings ;-)

Anyway, Monday started with an interview between Teemu Arina and me about Web2.0 and social technologies. It was fun and I’m really curious about how it will look like - a link will follow as soon as it’s online! In the afternoon, I took part in the workshop WWWrong: What Went Wrong? What Went Right? Exchanging Experiences in Technology Enhanced Learning. It’s difficult to give a summary of the contributions and discussions - a lot of the problems are very similar to the ones we face in the area of Knowledge Management. In my opinion, the technical aspects are not the main issues, although there is still too less focus on interoperability and the ability to be adaptable to a changing environment. The main point is: We have to think about the interests of all stakeholders involved when introducing some new technology! Why should somebody use it, especially when this means changing habits? Will users have a benefit? What about the (middle) management? There are lots of cultural issues and personal interests one has to take care of. As computer scientists, we usually tend to neglect this and focus far too much on technology.
Another interesting thing to talk about is the meaning of “success” - when do we consider a project to be successful? There are many dimensions, such as attracting a significant number of users, educating people (also the ones involved in a project!), doing some basic research, building great prototypes, getting funding…and you surely can’t have all of them. It will be interesting to follow the discussions on the Wiki!


On Tuesday, Eric Ras, Martin Wolpers and me organized the 3rd LOKMOL workshop, where we had some very inspiring talks and discussions. The main question was how the use of context can bridge the gap between Knowledge Management and E-Learning. Especially: How can information about people and context be represented and used later? In my opinion, we have to be very careful about what what we are trying to formalize (e.g., competencies) and in which way we intend to exploit it. There are some things that should be left up to be interpreted by humans! Especially when it’s about defining profiles of people!


Last but not least: The poster session in the evening. Nice setting, isn’t it? The ALOE poster fitted well into the surroudings, and it looks as if there are several possibilities to integrate it into other approaches - or the other way round.

LOKMOL - Schedule is available

September 13th, 2007 by Martin

We’ve set up an agenda for the LOKMOL workshop taking place next Tuesday in Crete at EC-TEL. You can find it here.

I’m looking very much forward to the presentations, and many thanks especially to our invited speakers: Luk Vervenne, Teemu Arina and Margit Hofer!

CfP: LOKMOL2007 - Submissions are welcome!

May 21st, 2007 by Martin

The 3rd Workshop on Learner-Oriented Knowledge Management & KM-Oriented E-Learning (LOKMOL2007) will take place during the EC-TEL (European Conference on Technology Enhanced Learning) in Crete, Greece in September. This year, we’ll focus on Using Context and Web2.0 Approaches to Bridge the Gap.

Here you can find the CfP with detailed information!

Important Dates:

  • Submission of contributions July 7, 2007
  • Notification of authors regarding acceptance/rejection July 21, 2007
  • Camera-ready copy of the papers due August 15, 2007
  • Workshop at EC-TEL 2007 in Crete, Greece September 16, 2007 (pending)
  • EC-TEL 2007 September 17-20, 2007


October 10th, 2006 by Martin

After checking some final organizational issues in a nearby (and very inspiring, maybe due to Mythos) tavern with Stephan and Martin on Sunday, the “Joint International Workshop on Professional Learning, Competence Development and Knowledge Management” took place on Monday (more information as well as the workshop proceedings can be found here).

We had 7 paper presentations (unfortunately, one paper couldn’t be presented due to a broken leg) and about 20 participants, and what is the most important thing: We had a lot of very inspiring discussions!

Workshop Discussion
Copyright © Paul De Bra

For me, the most interesting topics and questions discussed in the workshop were the following:

  • Which role will PLEs (as presented by Scott Wilson, see also the award-winning short paper “Developing a Reference Model to Describe the Personal Learning Environment”) play in the future? Will PLEs “just” be a new world completing traditional LMS (or VMS)? Or will they break this “dominant design” and substitute them someday?
  • How can users be motivated to CONTRIBUTE in a system?
  • Which information from and/or about users/learners can and should (let’s not forget privacy issues!) be used for personalization? How will this information be used?

There will be some more posts in the future about these issues.

LOKMOL & L3NCD in Crete

September 19th, 2006 by Martin

All things are set up. Finally. So here some more information about LOKMOL 2006!

The “Joint International Workshop on Professional Learning, Competence Development and Knowledge Management (LOKMOL and L3NCD)” will take place on October 2nd, 2006 in conjunction with the EC-TEL 2006 in Crete, Greece.

More information about the schedule, etc. can be found here.


June 8th, 2006 by Martin

The 2nd Workshop on Learner-Oriented Knowledge Management & KM-Oriented E-Learning (LOKMOL2006) will take place during the EC-TEL (European Conference on Technology Enhanced Learning) in Crete, Greece on October 2nd. You can find the CFP here!