First Web Monday in Kaiserslautern

November 21st, 2006 by Martin

Yesterday, I was attending Kaiserslautern’s first “Web Monday” in the new Fraunhofer building. The idea of these events is to connect users, developers, founders, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, researchers, web pioneers, bloggers, podcasters, designers and other folks interested in Web 2.0 topics (in the broadest sense) [see the Web Monday FAQ].

We were about 25 people, mostly from IT institute circles. Talks were given by several persons, among others from Stephan Baumann (head of C4).

20061120 Web Montag 001

Surely he is right when he claims that Web2.0 is NOT dead. The hype may decrease, but the stuff works just great, and I can’t imagine to get along without all these great applications I use in my daily work. The next big step will be to form the next generation of the web - in my opinion, this can only mean a mixture of Web2.0 approaches and more formal methods. That’s what I want to do realize in ALOE, too - more information about that will follow soon.

Although the attendants were mainly technically oriented (not only that, there was no single woman - what else do you expect in a technical university surrounding!?), the first Web Monday was an important first step to bring together people, fostering the establishment of a community to share and develop ideas. And to have a good time and to drink beer, of course ;-)

New E-Learning Journal: Zeitschrift für E-Learning

November 3rd, 2006 by Eric

the first issue of this journal appeared in August this year. The topic of the first issue was “Virtuelle Kommunikation”. Unfortunately, the journal is a German one.
The jounal is edited by Prof. Dr. Andrea Back, Prof. Dr. Peter Baumgartner, Prof. Dr. Gabi Reinmann, and Prof. Dr. Rolf Schulmeister.
The next two special issues are about “E-Learning und Wissensmangement” and “E-Learning im Vertrieb ”
Have a look at the offical website.