No, I won’t talk here about computer games and violence. The picture is just a cheap trick to gain attention. So please continue reading… ;-)

Egolearner - that’s an expression that turned up last year during a conversation with Stephan Baumann during lunchbreak. And reading the posting Definition: Massively Multi-learner Online Learning Environment (MMOLE) by Karl Kapp [via Stephen Downes], it came back into my mind.

It’s nothing new when I state here that we have to get away from teacher-centric approaches. Of course the learner should have the control, and there are a lot of new possibilites arising in the whole development labeled “Web2.0″. And “computer generated learning environments in which large numbers of learners interact with each other in a virtual three-dimensional (3D) world” (Knapp) may sound futuristic for many people, but for the digital natives, it will be natural to learn in such environments. Let’s see when Blackboard will try to get a patent for such learning environments ;-)

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  1. trb Says:

    Second Life, the Internet-based virtual world, already provides a three-dimension environment for many purposes. So I do not think of Knapp’s idea as being very futuristic. In SL not only digital natives interact. (At least, I would not call all of the SL participants true digital natives, would I? … Looking at the definition of digital natives at wikipedia doesn’t help either … well, duh …)

  2. Martin Says:

    No, the idea is definitely not futuristic, and I’m sure that Kapp knows about all this stuff (Second Life, World of Warcraft etc.)
    It’s just a new LABEL, nothing else. With EGOLEARNER, it’s the same thing. But I want this label to be my label ;-) Think of “Web2.0″ for a moment… ;-)

  3. Karl Kapp Says:


    Labels can be important because they help to frame peoples thinking. Also they help to ensure that everyone is talking about the same thing. Unlike the term “e-learning” which can mean self-paced online instruction, virtual classrooms or even podcasting.

    With these online learning environments like WOW and SL, the possiblity of learning from someone totally unexpected is what makes these environments exciting and dynamic. It is also something that should cause us to consider how to designing learning events that work within these environments.

    It is a great time to be involved with online instruction…in all its forms.

  4. Martin Says:


    Although I commented “it’s just a new label”, I totally agree with you that labels are important, because they can convey a lot of information, and they can ease communication a lot. And especially in the field of e-Learning, there’s a lack of common understanding of terms (”learning object” is a very good example for that). Of course labels can also be abused, but that’s a chance one has to take…

    It’s really a very exciting time to see a “new web” emerging in the last years. And it’s even more exciting to be involved with all that!

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