Measuring the quality of conferences

Today I had the pleasure to attend a very interesting talk given by Ergin Elmacioglu from the PIKE Research Group. He introduced the ConfRank system that judges the goodness of academic conferences by analyzing the programm commitee. Therefore, the social network of ACM authors is analyzed, and the results were really impressive. Maybe I’ll check our LOKMOL PC sometimes ;-) I can imagine that it would also be very useful to check scientific blogs to get some evidence about the quality of conferences. And what about a blacklist? I really avoid conferences when I see certain people in the PC!

He also provided some very interesting links which I thought might be quite useful for me - unfortunately, does no longer exist (they seem to offer a “positive” alternative, but I didn’t check this), and is currently not available. Luckily, the Inauthentic Paper Detector still seems to work. Time to check - do you write like a robot or not? ;-)

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