Tell me what you mean!

Why do people so often give talks about “context” without explaining how they understand it? There’s surely no common understanding of this concept… but that’s not only concerning the term “context” - terminology is a big mess both in the field of KM andTEL. And I’m a mathematician, maybe that’s the reason why this seems to disturb me more than others: You cannot have a meaningful discussion or collaboration (or presentation) without a common understanding of the key concepts. I WANT DEFINITIONS! ;-)

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  1. trb Says:

    Why do people often give talks or, more generally, do research without stating their definitions at all? Having no definition of “context” is just one example of bad research. In this case, the context community itself has no common definition. As of CONTEXT-2007 there are over 180 definitions in the literature as counted by Patrick Brézillon. But even if there is no common definition one always should have working definition and also state it ;-)

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