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I’m currently attending the educamp in Ilmenau. A lot of interesting sessions, especially yovisto really impressed me. If offers “academic video search” and already links to approximately 3000 videos, a lot of them from Germany, but also content from, e.g., MIT Lectures. What is really cool is the automatic indexing of videos using ocr, and the possibility to tag a certain point in time and to post these tags in other social bookmarking systems. Great work!

educamp sessions
educamp sessions, source:

In the moment, I’m listening to a nice presentation about the digital profil of a fake identity (Rainer Buhl-Schied - good one). And of course I’ll attend the session with Stephan Downes, I hope they will set up a good connection…

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  1. papaschlumpf Says:

    This is a prove for my message. Everything can be found in the internet. Even a fakeperson. Nothing less i wanted to say im my session.
    Think before you post.

    kind regards Jens (Papaschlumpf)